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Are you and your team winning all of the sales that your business needs?

Increase your customer sales performance and ability by implementing five key steps to Sell more and Sell Better!

Selling has changed. It’s no longer about the hard sell, the “Amazing Product” or the lowest price, it’s about real human interactions, positive human influence and an experience that makes the client your walking, talking, advertising campaign. In this presentation you will learn how to achieve your peak sales performance by concentrating on you, the sales person. It focuses on 5 key areas which directly influence your skills, abilities and your impact on your clients.. Individuals skilled in these essential areas can achieve better client engagement, stronger relationships, higher sales conversion and more motivation and drive succeed and drive the business forward.

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Are you telling your clients not to buy from you without even knowing?

Sales people speak in “Sell-in” language, customers speak in “Buy-in” language. By learning how to speak your customers language you can personalise every sale and maximise the effectiveness of your sales and customer interactions.

Everything from a greeting to a goodbye should be personal. Every client has a different need, a different style and they all communicate in a different way. Understanding each client has never been more important. With them all speaking in their different ways it can sometimes just seem like gibberish and if you don’t understand it, it can end in your client feeling undervalued, underappreciated and they can take their business elsewhere. Every customer has a different “buy-in” language and every sales person has a different “sell-in” style. By learning the language that each client speaks you can communicate on their level, understand their needs more intimately, tailor your selling techniques to match your client’s way of thinking and get your message actually listened to and not just heard.

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Are your clients satisfied, loyal and telling the world how great you are?

You are selling to customers 24/7. Everything they see, hear and feel affects their buy decision. You could be turning people away without even knowing it. Learn the intricate details of how powerful experience is and how to master it.

Customer experience is the net that you set to draw in your prospects, not just what they get when they are with you. It runs deeper than that. In this presentation you will learn how powerful experience really is, how it affects a customer buying decision and how much time you really have to make a difference. Experience is what clients get before they have even stepped inside your establishment and before they have spoken to you. All too often, sales people have no idea what the experience really looks like. By leaning about the key steps of customer experience and how to tailor it to you and your business, you can maximise the effectiveness it’s impact on your sales, referral business and the customers decision to choose you over your competition before you even know they are interested.

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